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    Welcome to The Arizona Roofer

    There is no other site as dedicated to reaching the entire roofing and waterproofing market in the great state of Arizona. Enjoy your visit and let us know what we can do help.


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Con man arrested after bloody chase

If you me at all, you know that I am...

Does your roofer suck?


By: Henry Staggs


Statistically speaking, your roofer is more likely to suck than not to suck if you are hiring the average roofer in Arizona. I realize that what I am saying is going to irritate a lot of hard-working roofers whose intentions are to do a great job...

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A case for financing your HOA roofing project   I am not a financial advisor; this article is not intended to be financial advice, always seek advice from a qualified professional.   Since I am a qualified expert on the topic of roofing and reroofing projects, this article will be about the advantages of doing a large roof project at one time as...

What is bid Rigging?


Call me crazy, that honesty is good business, in my opinion. I realize that the word "honest" is subjective, and there are all sorts of grey areas that people travel in and around. Ast the end of the day, we all have a basic understanding of what is right and what is wrong. "Its just business" is the thing...