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    Welcome to The Arizona Roofer

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Credentials matter! When I was still contracting, part of the game was to convince the client that I was capable of doing the job and that they would be treated very well. I knew I could do the work, and I knew I would treat them well. After all, a happy customer is much easier to get a check from, right? One of the ways some...


I live in Maricopa where there are several new construction sites around town and have NEVER seen anyone wearing fall protection. Sadly a young man may lose his life because a contractor did not do their duty under the law to make sure their employees are safe. This man is only 30 years old, working an hourly job to feed his...

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What does it mean to be a professional?  Does it mean dressing nice and being overly polite? Does it mean constantly smiling and shaking hands all day? What does being professional mean?

Dressing nice and speaking to people politely are certain things that professionals do. However, those things aren't what makes them a...


Advice for Parents Who Need to Get Their Home Ready to Sell

(And Keep It That Way)


Selling a home is a full-time job from the time you begin prepping for the sale until you move out. If you’re a busy parent, it may feel impossible, but getting your home ready for sale and...