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Comments by: Henry Staggs

The Roofing Alliance Announces 2020 Student Competition Finalists

There is no doubt that any industry takes care of its own will grow and become stronger; we all tend to spend our lives in our little bubbles. Bouncing...

Contractor cited DOZENS of times racked up over $2mil on fines!


Starting in 2012 Great White Construction, a contractor in Florida has been cited dozens of times for the same things. No fall protection, no protective eyewear, ladders not set up right, and so on. In one of the OSHA documents, it says, " Although...

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2010 Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 32 - Professions and Occupations
32-1158 Minimum elements of a contract

32-1158. Minimum elements of a contract

A. From and after December 31, 1992 until December 31, 2007, any contract in an amount of more than one thousand dollars and less than one hundred fifty thousand dollars entered...


I found this article the other day and could not resist adding my own two cents, having been a contractor for nearly three decades, I know how the game is played. This article is a great learning tool to help owners understand why these “how-to” articles on the subject of hiring contractors are not as good as they seem.

The simple fact...