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Roofing Podcast

Henry Staggs, NCCER Master Trainer

October 24th, 2021

I was doing a search today and heard my roofing friend Jef McCurdy on a podcast I hadn't heard of before. I shared that podcast on LinkedIn. Afterward, I did a search for a roofing podcast, and here are my findings.


Roofer Show (...

Is OSHA going to pull our state-run plan?

Henry Staggs, NCCER Master Trainer

A few years ago I started hearing little blips here and there about OSHA taking our state plan away. For those of you who don't know who ADOSH is click here to learn more about who they are.

To sum it up. ADOSH or Arizona Department of Safety and...

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Adapting to Material Shortages & Rising Costs

Henry Staggs, RRO

May 2nd, 2021


Say Hello to Cotney Law

The guys at Cotney Law have been helping the roofing industry for years, in ways that some of us never expected from a "lawyer". They offer business consulting and training as well, these guys genuinely...


Blogging for Roofing Contractors

Demystifying the process

By: Henry Staggs, RRO

November 1, 2020


Henry Staggs, RRO went from homeless and hopeless (that's me folks). To a lifelong career in the roofing industry. Overcoming one obstacle after another. Now Henry wants to give back to the industry by sharing...