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    Welcome to The Arizona Roofer

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Free inspection? I think not!

I must apologize to all of my roofing contractor friends out there for what I’m about to say. But my mission in business is to help improve the industry for information resources education and, most importantly, the truth and facts.  

  The facts are simple the free inspections...

Leo Wiek (AZ ROC)

Just yesterday, I posted a blog about a fake contractor who was charged, and today I get online and right away find out that law enforcement is looking for another phony contractor. Leo Wieck, doing business as EMConstruction,  is being accused of contracting without a license and illegally charging a...

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A case for financing your HOA roofing project   I am not a financial advisor; this article is not intended to be financial advice, always seek advice from a qualified professional.   Since I am a qualified expert on the topic of roofing and reroofing projects, this article will be about the advantages of doing a large roof project at one time as...

What is bid Rigging?


Call me crazy, that honesty is good business, in my opinion. I realize that the word "honest" is subjective, and there are all sorts of grey areas that people travel in and around. Ast the end of the day, we all have a basic understanding of what is right and what is wrong. "Its just business" is the thing...