About Us

About Us

About Us

Why we got started

Henry Staggs founded The Arizona Roofer and Waterproofing Professionals, LLC to inform and connect good people with other good people.

What do we do

The Arizona Roofer and Waterproofing Professionals, LLC brings information and resources to all segments of the industry. Helping to make better-informed owners and managers, and supporting contractors who want to rise to the next level succeed. We do this by providing information and resources, specific to Arizona that brings usable and valuable information to the entire market.

The Arizona Roofer and Waterproofing Professional, LLC provides a platform to connect the best of the best contractors, and other industry professionals, with owners and managers who are seeking contractors and professionals who do their work ethically and above the minimum standard. The best of the best

Our mission

To be part of the solution and to help make the roofing and waterproofing industry in Arizona the example for the rest of the nation to follow. In knowledge, skill, professionalism, safety, and love of the craft.