ARCA Elections. Are you a member?


Comments by Henry Staggs, RRO

There are many ways to get involved in any association. Running for office and voting are two of the biggest things (other than money) that you can do. I look at the list below, and I see a list of good names, reliable people. I know most of them, and the rest have good names. The downside is this list of names looks like the same list from the past three or four years. The same people keep running for office because NO ONE else is stepping up. Holding office in the local trade association is one way your company can give back. It also looks pretty good on your marketing materials. 

I have heard a lot of complaints about ARCA for the past two years. And I mostly agree with them, but at the same time I know we can change it if we all wanted to. How? By stepping up, running for and winning office. Then Voting on our behalf. If you don't, these same guys will keep running the show. Don't get me wrong; they are good guys and mean well. But if they keep running things, they will do whatever they see fit. And if that does not fit with you, run for office or at least vote. 


If you are a member of ARCA. Please cast your vote today. And start thinking about ways you could get involved in giving back to the industry and the community.

"I don't like how ARCA does this or that?" My answer "I don't either, run for office and I'll vote for you." 

A message from Ron Gibbons, Pioneer Roofing Co.
(Chair, Nominations and Elections Committee):

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Pursuant to the By-Laws of the Arizona Roofing Contractors Association, a slate of Officers and Directors to serve the Association in the coming year must be submitted to the Membership a minimum of 15 days prior to the Annual Meeting where the election will take place September 12, 2020. This message constitutes the required notice.

Each Member company or corporation shall be entitled to cast one (1) vote and shall designate a representative as its voting delegate.

ARCA By-Laws currently limit Associate Members to a maximum of six (6) board positions.

A ballot vote to elect six (6) Associates will be conducted. Digital submittal, via scan or fax, will be accepted through the end of the business day on Tuesday, September 1, 2020.

You may cast your ballot (click here) by scanning and emailing it to or via fax to 602-335-0118.

The Nominations & Elections Committee hereby recommends the following to serve as Officers and Directors for the Association in the 2020-2021 year:

Officers / Executive Committee: 
Position Name Company City
President Russell Hyman Gryphon Companies Tempe
1st Vice Pres. Larry Miller Gorman Roofing Services, Inc. Phoenix
2nd Vice Pres. Jason Kill Roofing Solutions & Concepts Mesa
Sec. / Treas. Eric Perry Azul Roofing Solutions Chandler
Past Pres. Ron Gibbons Pioneer Roofing Co. Phoenix
Roofing Contractor Member Directors:
Position Name Company City
Director Ron Brown JBS Roofing Co., Inc. Glendale
Director Andy Clarke Roofing Southwest Phoenix
Director Sally Headlee Headlee Roofing Co., Inc. Tucson
Director Sal Flores Inca Roofing Phoenix
Director Rhonda LaNue Lyons Roofing Phoenix
Director Pete Schmautz Star Roofing, Inc. Phoenix
Director Jeff Starkweather Starkweather Roofing, Inc. Cave Creek
Director Tracy Wallis America Roofing Phoenix
Associate Member Directors: (Vote for a Max of 6)
Position Name Company City
Director Scott Aguilar Eagle Roofing Products Phoenix
Director Bryan Hill WRECORP Peoria
Director Erin Easter Icynene LaPolla Phoenix
Director Ben Kelley Polyglass USA Phoenix
Director Dave Metz 3R-Coatings Tucson
Director Alan Minker GAF Materials Phoenix
Director John Nassivera Tropical Roofing Products Phoenix
Director Minnie Robles ATAS International Mesa
Director Sarah Weiss Elite Roofing Supply Glendale