Benson remodeler found guilty of contracting without a license


Benson remodeler found guilty of contracting without a license | Local news |


Henry Staggs, RRO

December 21, 2020


The state agency says property owners should check the licenses of contractors before hiring them for jobs.


The text line above is the subheading for the article I linked at the top of this page.  The Registry of Contractors is not playing around when it comes to licensing. As a matter of fact, it's their reason for existing in the first place. Working as a contractor without a license is a crime in Arizona; I do not recommend it. If you want to be a contractor, then hop through the right hoops so you can keep working. And not end up in jail like the man in this article did. 

Check this out, and see exactly how serious the ROC is about catching unlicensed contractors.


Unlicensed Scottsdale Man Added to AZ ROC Most Wanted List | Arizona Registrar of Contractors

He is not alone; take a look at the ROC's most wanted list. Some of these guys are ending up in prison with huge fines. I can't remember a job I ever did that was worth losing everything for. Can you? 

Suppose you want to be a contractor and don't know where to start. I suggest you start with Get your contractor's license in Arizona | Arizona Contractor License Center (; they did not ask me, pay me or even know I posted this link. They helped me years and years ago, when I was getting started as a roofing contractor. And they can help you too, and it is their business to help you. 

Suppose you are an owner and would like to know how to weed out the good from the bad contractors. Which I know can be challenging when you don't know the industry very well. Like any industry, we have our own group of guys who will do anything for a dollar. The good news is that those people DO NOT represent the industry. Most roofing contractors by and large to great people. Hard-working and honest people. When you work with a REAL roofing contractor, it's going to be a good experience. Well., as good as a re-roof can be, I guess. Anyways, take a look at this article. I bet it helps.

Learn how to vet a contractor as the professionals do









What's the point of this post? I wanted to let you all know that the ROC is out there looking for unlicensed contractors. When they catch them, they don't play around—the right to work building a case against them. If you want to be a contractor, there are people out there how can help. If you are an owner, you should be very concerned with the contractor you hire. Make sure you do your homework.

And as always, if you have any questions, call me, and I will try to answer them as best I can 

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