Con man arrested after bloody chase


Comments By Henry Staggs


Con man arrested after bloody chase

If you me at all, you know that I am constantly preaching the gospel of quality workmanship and profesionalism. Most of the blogs on this site, if not all of them are in some way on the topic of doing a good job. Or being a professional, or not getting suckered into a bad deal with a bad contractor. Or worse, and con man pretending to be a contractor, which is what this blog post is about. 

There are numerous reasons why it is so important that Arizona cleans up its bad contractors and sends them packing, or to jail. The obvious reason is so that you, the consumer isnt ripped off. But there are more far reaching implications on society when con artist are running around cheating people. The good guys have to answer constantly for the sins of the crooks, becuase the cons have broken the consumer's trust in the industry. Can you imagine being the guy whose doing it right, paying for insurance, getting the right lisence and caring anout your workmanship and then after all that, you stillhave to answer for teh actions of some scum bag con man? Or worse, loosing a bid to a lower priced con man, knowing that the client is likely to get ripped off.

So this guy you see in that photo is Micheal Cox and he had been running around pretendig to be a contractor under the name Cox Contracting LLC. Can you believe this guy has an LLC in good standing but no contractor's lisence? Thats an entirely different rant though. Wouldnt it make sense that if you need a lisence to be a contractor may be you might need to show you have before you can set up an LLC.

Anyways, he ripped a few people including a retired couple from Sun lakes. Got busted and was suposed to show up to face the judge and geuss what? You got it right, this coward failed to appear and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Some timme later the police get a call about a guy standing in the road way with a pipe. The police come out and confront the man, who walked away. That walk turned into a foot raise, that ended with the man being taised and getting some good bumps and splits on his head and face. You guessed, this man was our one and only Mr. Cox and I bet he wont be missing his next court date, you know being in jail now.

Why do you care?

If you dont want to get ripped off by a bad contractor, or better said a con man pretending to be contractor. Thats one reason, but a bigger reason to care is because if its not you these cheats get it'll be someone else. Perhas even one of your loved ones or friends, and if we can stop that from happening, shouldnt we? 

Information is the key, as the saying goes knowledge is power. You can start learning how to not get ripped off right HERE but dont stop there keep learning. And if you are one of the unfortunate ones who does get suckered, dont feel bad about it. Speak up and let the proper auhtorities know or giving the agency a call at 1-877-692-9762.

In closing

My mission in life is to help the roofing industry become stronger and better, and that starts with making sure the cunsumer is well informed and educationed. Share this with others, and please dont hessitate to share your thoughts, questions and suggestions with me. What can I do for you?