Fake Contractor Goes to Prison


I hate it when they do news stories on bad contractors, who almost always turn out to be con artist posing as contractors. Real contractors are not out there ripping off people for a few bucks, no way! They have far too much to lose and much more to gain by doing an honest job for a honest amount. I was pretty happy to see this news headline today "Fake Contractor ...", finally the media recognizes that there are real contractors and fake contractors. 

Recently I posted about another guy pretending to be a roofing contractor on LinkedIn and got a few likes. Should have had so many more though, this is a very important matter. The simple fact is that when guys like this are out there lying and cheating people, the REAL contractor has to answer for their sins. This is one of the reasons that The Arizona Roofer and Waterproofing professionals was created in the first place so that people would have more information and clowns like this con cant slip in and rip you off. 

Do you know who to vet a contractor? Check out our resource https://www.thearizonaroofer.com/resources/owners-managers/how-to-select-a-contractor-like-a-professional and learn how I do it myself in my consulting business. There are ZERO reasons you have to be taken in by a liar! Let us help make sure that never happens ... and if you need a contractor to visit our find a professional page or just send us an email.