Food bank gets a FREE roof!


Henry Staggs, RRO

April 15, 2020


Giving to help others who are helping others by giving


We all hear about the food banks and their needs on TV every day, and the need is real to be sure. But don't forget the smaller food banks who can't afford all the media exposure they need help, helping others as well.  Thankfully I was in the right place at the right to time be able to do just that.

The leaking roof

I reached out to Christian Price, the mayor of Maricopa, to see if he knew any needs that my family and I could help with.  He forwarded my information to Wendy the director of a little food bank in Maricopa. When she realized I was a roof consultant she said "Oh I have a different job for you then. She told me a story I've heard many times before. The roof was leaking, they called a roofer. The roofer did something, the roof still leaks. We keep calling the roofer but he is not being responsive. This is an ongoing problem in Arizona that is far more common than most people know, and I hope that changes soon. In the mean,  someone needed to do something and happened to be in the right place to act on this and so I did.

A few calls

Right away I made a call to one of the manufacturers I work with, and roofer I know, who I suspected would jump at a change to help out a small food bank. And thankfully I was right, they both said yes before I was even finished asking. Peirce at Applied Coatings and Miles with Nations are both good guys, and they genuinely care about people, both of them stepped up to help without question and without asking for anything in return.

The job starts

A few days later the guys came out to get to work, they cleaned and prepped the roof for coating application. While they were hard at it, the Mayor, Vice-mayor and one of the city council members came out to personally thank the guys for their hard work and donation. As you can imagine it made their day to be recognized by the city officials for what they are doing, and I couldn't have been more pleased to know that I live in a city where the mayor and other officials come out this way.  

That same both the local newspapers came out to take some photos and interview everyone for a story on the free roof the food bank was getting. This made the guys even happier seeing that their efforts are very appreciated. (Maricopa and The Monitor)


Just after the work was completed I received a phone call on an unrelated matter from Pastor Ken with CCV in Chandler, and the free roof at the food bank came up. He immediately stepped up and offered to share some of their abundance of food and toilet paper with the food bank I think a day or two later they came out and made a donation, one that the food bank was very happy to get and was much needed. Wendy (the director at the food bank) told me that they had also received a donation of $20,000 and a pallet of water from Global water and a private citizen donated 600 meat ( I am vegan so yuck ) but she was very appreciative of all the help they are getting. 

“Churches are doing quite a bit during this pandemic.  The first response should always be prayer.  In addition to prayer,  CCV is providing childcare for healthcare workers (currently at 2 campuses based on location/need), food for those that are food insecure, continuing our financial support of local food banks, shelters, as well as financial support for those members who are in need (job loss, etc.).  CCV also just completed 11 blood drives at all of our campuses partnering with Vitalant with having over 1,000 people donate blood.  Blood drives typically take up to month or more to organize and we did this in 6 days.  The needs are always changing and we will continue to evaluate those needs and mobilize when they arise.” - Ken Fechner Chandler Campus Pastor CCV

ABC Channel 15 

While the work was still in progress Channel 15 News reached out interested in doing a story on the project. What a great way to get the food bank out there and drum up some more much-needed donations to help them do the good work they do. I have been on the News before, but this time was different in that we had to do it all by ZOOM and it took several days to get the story together. It was my job to go out and take photos and video clips for them, so they could keep practicing social distancing. In my past experiences, they show in a van do their thing and the story is up in a few hours. Times are changing. 

The story came out and I think they did a great job piecing it all together, and I do admit it made me feel pretty good to see my photos and video clips on the News. 

You can help too

The need in this Rural areas is real and getting worse, as I said at the start of this article, not every food bank can afford the luxury of constant media coverage. If you do have the means to chip in, they would be very grateful and so would the hundreds of families they take care of every week. Let's not forget the little guys out there working tirelessly and thanklessly to help others who may otherwise go hungry. Families who just want to see their kids fed, struggling to make it through this pandemic need your help.

Learn more about how you can help here

Thanks go out to 

  • Pierce Sinclair and Gary Anderson with Applied Coating for stepping up and donating all the materials 
  • Miles Cunningham with Nations Roof for coming out with his helper and doing the work
  • Mayor Christian Price, Councilmember Nancy Smith, and Councilwoman Julia Gusse for representing the City government and personally thanking the roofers
  • Ken Fechner Chandler Campus Pastor CCV for donating much-needed supplies to the food bank
  • And of course Wendy and all the great people who volunteer at her food bank helping out the hundreds of families in need. 

Is that all?

We are still in the midst of this crisis, and my gut is telling me that it is going to get much worse before it gets any better. I hope I am wrong about, this crisis is hitting my own business pretty hard, we have slowed to a snail's pace. But that is OK, I am very lucky to be able to weather something like this for a few months and it gives me time to do some other things. If you need anything, personally or your struggling organization has a roof situation you can't seem to get resolved. If you need someone to use their truck to help you deliver supplies, even if you just want someone to blow off steam with. Call me and if I cant help I do my best to find someone who can. In times like this very strange time we are living in now, we have to ban together, only by helping each other out can we see a better day tomorrow.


Henry Staggs, RRO

Roof Consultants and Roofing Industry Advocate

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