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IIBEC Group Tours the Eagle Roofing Plant


 Eagle Roofing Products

On September 6th, 2019 a group of local IIBEC members (International Institute of Building Envelope Consultants) were treated to a tour of the Eagle Roofing Plant in Phoenix where contrete tile is manufactured. The group was a diverse group of roofing professionals that included contractors, home inspectors, consultants, installers, othere manufacturer's representatives and a construction defect attorney. As usual the networking was as rewarding as the tour and presentation, meeting and getting to know other roofing professionals who want to see the industry grow and get better is always a great thing.

The group met in the design center at Eagle Roofing Products, where they display all their products litteralture to help you with your design work. Dave Skierkowski, Soutwest Regional Director of Eagle Roofing Products. Told the group more about how Eagle was bornpl and has become the great company it is now. From there the group split into two smaller groups for a plant tour. One group was lead by Jose Soto the plant director and the other group was lead by Dave who had also just presented to the group in the design center. 

First stop the

presentation board manufacturing area, where the guys work cutting tile and building the presentation boards that roofing sales guys use in the field to show their clients what they have to offer. Honestly, if I had to take a job at Eagle, this one would be right up my alley.

From there the group learned how the trucks are loaded and what the lables on the pallets mean. 

Then the group got to see the converor belts, towers and tanks that are used to start the mixing process of the raw materials the end up becoming the roof tile we see all over Arizona. In that same area, the group saw a muti story high stack of pallets and guys hard are work repairing old ones and stacking new ones. Just around the corner the group got to see the pile or rejected tile, that would crushed and recycled into to new tile. 

Next stop the group was shown the large bags of additives to give the tile it's color. And then through a door, the group got to see the testing room, where the plants professionals check and double check all the raw marterials to make sure they are up the standards that Eagle demands for their products.

From there the group walked through the plant, getting to see and learn about the tile manufacturing process itself. From the molds used to form the tile to the final producting being stacked on pallets. 

At the end of the tour the two groups joined backe together and met in the Eagle training room for a formal AIA presentation given by Victor Rosas, Eagle Roofing Products Western Region Techincal Reprsentative, who talked about how roofing tile is manufactured, its life cycle, is use and more.

Then the group was treated to free hot lunch and about an hour or so of networking with each other.

If you are a roofing professoinal interested in being part of the local IIBEC (formally known as RCI) send an email to describe what you do and ask to be included on the update and event list.


Henry Staggs

2018-2019 Arizona RCI Liasion

Here are some of the photos taken durring the tour

Eagle Roofing Products Eagle Roofing ProductsEagle Roofing ProductsEagle Roofing Products