Jason Kill works for free!



Henry Staggs, RRO

I love it!

I love it when I hear good things that people in our industry do for others.  So today, when I heard about Jason Kill donating a roof to Habitat for Humanity, twice even, I had to give him a call. I have known Jason for a few years in the industry, and from time to time, he bids on jobs I am working on in my roof consulting business. He is always very energetic and laughs a lot, which I think is fantastic. A man who loves his job never works a day in his life, right? If that is true, then Jason is that guy. I was not at all surprised to hear that he did this, but it was not from him. Jason is not the kind of guy who would brag about this sort of thing; he just does it and moves on. But I have no problem boasting some for him. 

Jason explained that this work was part of the construction career program and that a young lady I had met before on a bid came into roofing out of that. Which is great, we need more good people in the industry for sure.

Jason said '"This was life-changing for me and many others experience made me want to be involved and to push efforts to give the power back to the people.  I think it's great to be recognized but even better, I think it's a great organization and they deserve recognition for all they do for the community with the support of many people like me" 

If you are not familiar with Habitat for Humanity, you must be living under a rock somewhere. This organization, founded by Millard and Linda Fuller back in the 1970s and later supported by President Jimmy Carter, is on a mission to build affordable housing for people around the world. No small task indeed, and one that needs a lot of help from good people like Jason. If you are interested in helping out, too, I am sure they will be happy to have you. 

Roofers are great people, they work hard and play hard, and you won't find a more passionate and caring bunch of people. 

Thank you, Jason, for your efforts, never stop being you. 

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