Life threatening injuries, we may loose a roofer



I live in Maricopa where there are several new construction sites around town and have NEVER seen anyone wearing fall protection. Sadly a young man may lose his life because a contractor did not do their duty under the law to make sure their employees are safe. This man is only 30 years old, working an hourly job to feed his family. Think about that, and man is not coming home, a Dad is not coming home, and a husband is not coming home. For what? To get the job done just a little faster?

Contractors you are obligated under the law to identify job hazards and provide your employees with the property PPE they need to be safe. The simple fact is that if your workers are more than six feet off the ground fall protection is required under the law. This is not a choice; it is not optional; this is not a suggestion; it is the law, and breaking this law puts people's lives at risk.

I drive around the valley every week, and continuously see guys on roofs with no fall protection. When I go to FB or LinkedIn, I see contractors posting pictures and videos of guys on the roof with no fall protection. Guys have mocked and insulted me for saying "hey you need fall protection' they say "I ain't no pussy" or "Real roofers do not need a rope" or the worse one of them all "It is less safe with a rope." This man's family would probably disagree with all of those arguments.

Look! Contractors are being charged with Manslaughter, being hit with huge fines, even going out of business. And now right here at home, we lost a hard-working young man who was trying to take care of his family.

The blame for this rest on the builder who is not doing all they can to make sure their site is safe, the blame for this is on the roofing contractor who takes advantage of the builder who is not enforcing the law, the blame for this rest on the superintendent, the foreman and the other workers who did nothing.

Safety is not a joke, and it is a far past time that the roofing contractors in this state stepped up and started to enforce and a zero-tolerance policy.


Listen up everyone, I have heard rumors, and I believe them, that subcontractors are charging a rate with ropes and lower one without. Do not allow it ... as an industry, we all need to step up, and we need to do it NOW! Before someone else gets killed.

In my opinion, if you think to be a real roofer means that you do not need fall protection, you should never be allowed on another roof again.

Contractors if any worker refuses to wear their PPE or a sub who charges a lower rate to work without PPE ... FIRE them immediately, they are not only putting their own lives at risk, but they are also putting your livelihood and life at risk as well. Do not be one of the first Arizona roofing contractors charged with Manslaughter.


If you are not familiar with OSHA fall standards and you are roofer, this link will get you started. Click it