Manslaughter, are you next?



What does that word do to you? Imagine if that word is directed at you, imagine if you are the one being charged with Manslaughter. How do you feel? Your life could be over because the law is hiding you accountable for the loss of another life. 
Not me, you say? That’s the other guy, and I don’t put myself in situations like that and so on. We all love living in the land of senile. 
Four contractors that I’m aware of have recently been charged with Manslaughter for deaths from roof falls on their job sites. The argument at least for a couple of them was “they were subs, I can’t control them,” and the different states said “bullshit,” and they got charged anyway.
Falls from the roof is the number one cause of death in the construction industry. When I took my OSHA authorized trainer course, the instructor talked about the potential of criminal charges against contractors. And now I see “contractor charged With Manslaughter” in the news. 
Arizona contractors do you think you safe? ADISH has a legal department as well, and you not safe. You can as quickly find your self in the same situation as these other guys if you have the unfortunate death on a job.
Just recently we’ve lost a couple of roofers. 
The bottom line is that every one of these deaths is preventable. It didn’t have to happen. And the end of the day the contractor is responsible for the safety of his workers. Morally and legally! 
So what about you? Are all the excuses you make a day in a day out that great of you are looking at a prison sentence for Manslaughter? Imagine telling your loved ones in the prison visiting room “he was a sun I can’t control him.” 
At that moment you would think of a 100 things you could have done to have prevented it. I bet the guys who are charged now are already lasting all the things they could have done to avoid it.
If you provide fall protection and someone refuses to use it. Fire them! 
Here are just a few examples
It’s not worth their life or your freedom.