Maricopa food bank needs a new roof


By Henry Staggs, RRO


Maricopa food bank needs a new roof

In this time of need, more people are finding themselves at the local food bank looking for little extra help. There is no shame in asking for help when you need it, each one of us at one time or another has needed a helping hand. It takes all of us working together as a society to make sure every one of us has the chance to succeed. So when I learned that the food bank in Maricopa had a leaking roof, I had to do what I could to help. 

Without hesitation, Applied Coatings and Nations Roof stepped up, and on April 7th, 2020, started working on a roof restoration for the Maricopa food bank. 

The Mayor and two city council members came to see the work in progress and say thank you to the people who donated their time and materials to this project. 

If you are in a giving mood and would like to help a struggling food bank dedicated to helping people in the community who need it when they need it. Please do what you can

Henry Staggs, RRO

(480) 265-1613