No contracting license? Go to JAIL!


By Henry Staggs, RRO


There are always people out there who will take advantage of unsuspecting people, and in construction and especially in roofing I am sad to say that we have no shortage of those crooks. Every time I see one of those "bad contractor" shows on the news, it just irritates me to me no end. Each one turns out to be an unlicensed contractor, why even use the word contractor. Just call them what they are frauds, crooks,  and con men. Real contractors would never do the slimeball stuff these guys to, targeting the elderly and otherwise disadvantaged. I am sure that anyone who is reading this article now has either been taken advantage of or knows someone who has been ripped off by some slick-talking liar. 

Unlicensed Violations

A person commits a Class 1 Misdemeanor by (1) advertising to perform services that require a contractor’s license, and/or (2) acting in the capacity of a contractor without a license.

As required by A.R.S. § 32-1151.02, Click HERE to see a list of persons who have been convicted of contracting without a license, or administratively adjudicated to have been contracting without a license after having been issued a civil citation.

Advertising as a contractor without a license in the state of Arizona is a crime and people do go to prison for it, and I don't feel sorry for them even for a moment. My sympathy is for their victims who most always left without a completed project, no money to hire a real contractor and to add insult to injury no recourse with the ROC's recovery funds since the contractor was not a contractor, to begin with. 

If you know of a fake contractor do not hesitate or feel bad about turning them in, it might be one of your very own loved ones they rip off and that would suck. It's really simple to file a report with the ROC just go HERE and fill out the form, and the ROC will take it from there.  The more proactive we as a community are in stopping this crime from happening in the first place the better off we will all be. 

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