Roof Collapses


Roof collapses at Morton Grove equestrian center

Roof collapses at Morton Grove equestrian center (

Comments by: Henry Staggs, RRO


A few years back one of Safeway's buildings has a roof collapse. I hear they had another one as well and then I came across this news story about ... YES ... another roof collapse. Thankfully in these stories, no one was hurt but it could have been different. A roof falling in on the building does present a problem for the building and its occupants.

This is why we (the roofing industry) preach so much about the importance of roof maintenance and ongoing inspections. Keeping your roof in good shape could actually be saving someone's life. Does this help you understand why roofers and consultants press clients so hard for a maintenance plan? We know what can happen if the roof is not taken care of, and this news article is one example of what we can help you avoid.

Do you need a roof maintenance plan?

Yes, you do ... you do need one. 

What should be included?

  • Clean the roof of any debris
  • Check the drains, make sure they are clear and flowing
  • Visually survey the roof to identify any deficiencies or damage, make repairs as needed.

When should you have your roof cleaned up and checked?

  • Before or in June.
  • After August or September.
  • Any time there is a bad storm and your building was in it.
  • Any time anyone goes on the roof and does any kind of work at all. 

Call a roofing or roofing contractor of your choice and get your roofs under the watchful eye of a professional. 


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