Roofer down ... Roofer down ... needs your help URGENT!


Thank goodness this one did not end with a death, but a leg broken in several places is not good. 

Eric is a third-generation roofer, who genuinely cares about the industry and ironically is one of the more safe roofers. This accident was not due to negligence, Eric did all the right stuff, and still got hurt. If a third-generation roofer can get hurt doing it right, imagine what can happen when guys are doing it wrong? Just yesterday I saw a couple of guys hanging over the edge of a two-story building messing with the fascia. No fall protection, just a straight drop to the sidewalk. Safety matters guys, let's get it right.

Back to Eric, and he does not know I am doing this. But his wife has put up a gofundme page to help pay for his medical cost, and I am asking each of you to pitch in and help. Competitors, suppliers, manufacturing reps, clients, and just good-hearted people. Let's all help Eric get past this, and get back to being a stand-up roofer who has the same passion for making the roofing industry better than I do and hope you do to.

Some of you have deep pockets so dig in.

Oh and by the way, if you don't know Eric or if you do know Eric. When he is better and learns that I did this he will probably tell me I shouldn't have, because that is the kind of guy he is.