Roofers are not satisfied


Roofers are not satisfied

by Henry Staggs, RRO

November 24th, 2020


Today while I was looking around for more information. To help me get The School of Roofing off the ground. I found an interesting career site. That helps people find the right career for them. They have some test you can take. And then they help narrow it down until you find your own sweet spot. What is the right job for you?

I was shocked to see roofers have a very low satisfaction job. Which make sense if you think about it. The more training and education it takes to do a job. The higher the satisfaction rates are. Conversely, the lower the training and education requirements are. The lower the job satisfaction tends to be. I was shocked because I love this business so much. I cannot imagine anyone else wouldn't. But not so shocked honestly when I stopped to think about it. What is there to be satisfied about? Showing up day and day out, getting yelled at and hoping your doing it right. The contractors call it on the job training, but is it really? Training requires a plan, a lesson outline, some clear objectives and way to measure the students success. Working on a roof and learning as you go might be OK for some. But others would like a little more. Which is why I am working so hard on this front.

Yes, no or may be?

Contractors seem to fall into three categories. When I ask them if a more official and accredited program. Some will say "Sure that sounds great. I would hire students from a program like that". Others say something more like "I don't know man, it's been tried and has never worked." they choose to stay tuned for more information while they sit on the fence. Then there are those who say "no, it will never work ... roofers don't like school .... they prefer to do the same thing every day." And while I do understand their sentiment. And how they may have come to that way of thinking. I don't agree with their conclusion. Actually think they are wrong. And see the world only from their little corner in it. The part about the "corner" is something a roof told me just yesterday. And I do thank him for his honesty. "Training won't work in my little corner of the world. My guys would rather just get to work. , and they like doing the same thing" and I get that but I don't agree with it.




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Stay out of my corner please!

We don't all live in little corners. And the roofing industry is an entire room not just a corner of it. (I hope that analogy landed right). Whether a roofing contractor wants to acknowledge it or not. What happens in every corner of the room can impact the other three corners. That is to say. What happens in the new construction market effects the re-roof market. What happens to materials cost increases effects us all. And so on. The point is that while each of do live in our little place. We are not immune from the good or the bad things that happen to us in other parts of the market.


I think training and educatoin is the answer?

I believe that training and education is the answer.

I know that training and education is the answer!

The way that I see it ... 

Remember from my view point, I see a lot more than most contractors do. I see everything that everyone did or is doing. I see the big stuff, and the little stuff. I have had the chance to talk to dozens of roofing contractors. And hundreds of installers over the years. And I have had several chances to speak to young people. They do show an interest in roofing. Contrary to what a lot of roofing contractors think.

The Contractor who told me
Back to the contractor I spoke with yesterday. He said "Go to the trade schools. None of those kids wants to roof. They see HVAC or pluming and think that's easier, why get dirty on a roof".

I heard that before
Over the past few months. I have heard several contractors say something like that. And it drives me nuts! Why? I do go to the trade schools and the kids are in fact interested. The construction classes are full up. And once the students realize they can make a good living. And that there are many career paths in roofing. They do take an interest. There are always at least a handful of students if I am hiring. The last time we did a hands on presentation. Both of the contractors who assisted me, did have several students ask about working for them. Sorry, contractors but you are flat wrong about a lack of interested. You just aren't asking them in way that they hear you.



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At the start of this

When I first started this work to build a roofing school. I visited EVIT (east valley institute of technology.) I asked the Construction Technologies instructor "why isn't there more roofing here?" he said "bring it.". We talked for a while longer. And he explained to how all the other trades bring things. They show up and talk to the students, the do hands on stuff. They engage and encourage the students and that is what makes the difference.

Don't kill the messenger
Contractors please don't get mad. But the reason the youth are not showing an interest. Is YOU. The days of waiting for workers to come to you, are over. We, that is YOU, have to go out there and find them. Interest them, and train them. That is what The School of Roofing is being developed to do for you, with you support and help. However we can get it.

I did appreciate what that contractor said to me yesterday. I like the guy too and can't wait to walk a roof with him. But I think he is wrong about roofers not want training and education. More importantly RECOGNITION for their hard work. 

Back on topic please
Oh! Yeah, I was writing about roofers satisfaction with their job.

Well lets to do these things 

Offer roofers training and education and education. That helps them grown in their trade and personally. Something that is recognized nationally. Something that proves they are skilled. And know what they are doing. Something they can hang up on their wall and be proud of. Something their family can be proud of them for having done. Something that is in fact a genuine personally accomplishment.

Make sure they are safe and well. Yes I mean fall protection (Roofing is the worst when it comes to falls).

Why would someone want to work in an industry who has the highest rate of injuries and deaths to falls?

Excuse me? Why should any roofer fall? Shouldn't we be the best at NOT falling? Think about it contractors. Like it or not. The tie off thing is one of the things driving away good potential roofers. Not that they are forced to wear fall protection, but that they AREN'T. If you want more people to take more interest in the industry. Make sure every job is safe. And that we start climbing down the ranks and become one the safest industries.

Do roofers want training? Some will and some won't. Personally If I was a contractor still. I would prefer to hire someone with an understanding of roofing. And who has completed at the very least an OSHA 10 class.

Like what I said?

Don't like what I said?

Do you have something to say?

Would you like to get involved and learn more?

(480) 265-1613 The more feedback I can get and desimnate to the others (smarter people than I am) who are helping with this. The better it will be for everyone. 

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