Roofing owner arrested for alleged sexual assault during a job interview


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Henry Staggs, RRO

April 26th, 2020

Roofing owner arrested for alleged sexual assault during a job interview


Can you imagine going to a job interview, nervous and hoping you say all the right things? Only to be assaulted by the person who is supposed to be giving you a shot at a job. Or even worse, the meeting was a set up to commit a sexual assault? We men can't understand that as well as a woman who faces all sorts of things every day.  I can't even imagine walking the shoes of a lady on any given day; I do not doubt that most of we men would be shocked at the crap woman have to put up with day to day. 

This one ticked me off, though; it's not just a personal violation of a woman's well being. But it was done by a roofing contractor! We have enough in our industry as it is to overcome, we certainly don't need this kind of man running a roofing company. 

"When she arrived, she says owner Kenneth Wayne Cloud, 67, offered to give her a massage and later sexually assaulted her."

Oh my god, are you kidding me? And get this, the article says that their person in charge of hiring at the company had no idea there was an opening. This scum bag intended to set up some unsuspecting lady for a sexual assault.  Doesn't that make your skin crawl and your blood bowl? Sickening!

Thankfully most contractors are not like this guy; most are good, hard-working people who want to see our industry grow and be better. Most want to see our industry-respected as the professionals that most of us are. But we can only do that by raising the standards and calling out the scum, like Mr. Wayne here. Whether it be something as sickening as a sexual assault or as irresponsible as not providing their workers with proper safety training and equipment. We all need to call them out, and more so be examples to follow. 


Henry Staggs, RRO

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