School getting $700,000 in roof repairs


I am glad that the schools are being taken care off. I would rather see my tax dollar going to keep the kids safe, then to paying already overpaid administrators. I would actually rather see the teachers getting paid A LOT MORE ... over the roofs being repaired. 

There is so much controversy around the school's roof work in Arizona, the way things are written and done only a few contractors even get to bid. And from what I have learned, they often bid for much more work than is actually required.  When the total pool of bidders is one or two, that seems to leave the door open for overestimating the work that needs to be completed.  It does not stop there, most of these jobs are using the most expensive materials, and also keeping the pool of manufacturers very small. 

Valley-based Progressive Roofing won both bids, coming in far below its single competitor.

In the "real" world, the number of bidders would be three to five and materials would be selected based on performance AND price. Its does not really seem honest to spend the taxpayer's money on the lowest bidder if opening it to more great contractors and manufacturers would bring that cost down 30% to 50% or more. This taxpayer bill of $700,000 could easily be $400,000 which is a huge saving to the taxpayers. Think about all the additional work that can be done, or better yet how much more we can pay our teachers if we stop padding the pockets of a few contractors and manufacturers. 

If you are not one of the three roofers getting this roof work, you understand what I am saying. Our tax money is being hoarded and spent poorly and knowing how much our teachers need more money then the pittance they get now. It pissed me off ... what about you?

Come on School Facilities Board, you can do better. Governor, are you wondering where to get more money for teachers, it's on the roof.

That's my two cents