Shelter in place is coming, are you ready?


Comments by: Henry Staggs, RRO

Shelter in place is coming, are you ready?

The store shelves are empty, or almost empty, which is something I thought I would never see in America. But here we are, people, rushing to get toilet paper and canned beans. Oh, I am guilty too. I made sure I have enough to sustain my family for at least a month. Hopefully, you have done the same, just in case? If not please do, because all the signs are that we will all be ordered to shelter in place soon. If not, that is great! But it's better to be prepared than to be stuck in your house or apartment with no food and water.

Get yourself ready make sure you have all your:

  • Medications
  • Plenty of food and water
  • and if you can find it enough toilet paper to get by for at least a month
  • Games and other stuff to keep your and your family entertained

It's just a guess on my part but since this takes 14 days to start showing symptoms, a month seems about right? I suspect that during the month there will be testing stations set up all around the valley and anyone who starts to feel sick will be required to get tested, and by the end of the month, we should have found all the infected and hopefully have some good treatments and vaccination by then. Or, I could be wrong entirely, all I am doing right not is trying to read between the lines.

Get your job site ready, I received this email from NRCA just the other day

NRCA recognizes many NRCA members may be required to suspend work because of COVID-19, and to assist them, NRCA has prepared guidance for contractors who find themselves having to suspend jobs in progress. NRCA’s suggested guidelines for in-process projects where a short- or long-term work stoppage is necessary include:

  • Coordination
  • Document project conditions
  • Inventory project-specific materials and equipment
  • Material and equipment storage
  • Tie-offs
  • Job-site cleaning
  • Check-in before leaving

Visit for NRCA’s detailed guidelines.

NRCA has provided a clearinghouse of information and resources addressing various issues you may be facing in managing your business through the COVID-19 crisis. The site is updated regularly, so check back often. Click here for the latest information.

I realize that people have all sorts of opinions and ideas about this virus scare, what it is, where it came from and there is no shortage of conspiracy theories floating around out there. All that aside, around the nation and the world, cities are being locked down and citizens are being ordered to shelter in place, and if that will get rid of this virus that is threatening my clients, friends, family and me. I can do it, without complaint or speculation. Whatever you might think is "really" going on, the reality is that you should be ready for a shelter in place order any day now.

What about after? 

This is something I have been pondering, what will the new normal be? How can we return to business as usual after this kind of worldwide crisis? I mean there are cities around the world using ice scatting rinks as morgues. That blows my mind that we are living through such a weird time, and I can't imagine how in the world we can come out this and not be different in many ways.

I suspect there will be more video and conference calls, more webinars, a different attitude toward eating out and will go back to shaking hands? 

This is a very strange time and I hope that you are all safe and well, we will get past this eventually and it will become a memory, but for now, PLEASE be ready just in case the shelter in place order comes down on us.

Henry Staggs, RRO 

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