The Director of the ROC under investigation?


This morning I stumbled across this interesting article about Jeff Fleetham being under criminal investigation by the attorney general.

I have no idea what the real deal is, but it does concern me, since the ROC is a sort of law enforcement agency, that the leader might be a criminal. Let me emphasize "might be" like I said I have no idea what is going on. Could be nothing, could be something.

In the world of consulting, is it imperative that we don't even have the appearance of a conflict of interest. I would personally expect nothing less than that same standard from the ROC, unfortunately in my dealings with the ROC working with clients. I can't say that I have a good impression, and the few times I spoke with Mr. Fleetham; I may as well have been talking to myself, I pretty much was. This article did not surprise me all that much, and if half of this is right, I think it's a problem that needs to be resolved to repair the integrity of the industry.

My final thought is that Doucey shouldn't play favorites and if there is a problem, Mr. Fleetham should step aside until the matter is resolved to maintain the integrity of the agency which is not about one man. 

You read it, and you decide for yourself.