The Monsoons In Arizona can really kick you in the @#%

Every year it's the same story. The monsoons come, people get caught in flooded areas.  Debris is flung around the yard, damages the building and the roof leaks. 
And every contractor is booked for weeks. even months. It is frustrating  for the owners and the contractors.
So what can you do to be prepared?
  1. If you see a sign that says ,"Do not enter when flooded," DON'T ENTER.  Its nice to be on TV but do you really want to be the person standing on the hood of your car?
  2. Clean up the grounds and trim your trees and bushes.  The best way to prevent debris from banging up your building is to nit have debris near by to get caught up in the wind.  Don't forget secure or put way any fixtures or furniture.
  3. Check your landscape to make sure the water will drain away from the building.
  4. Have your roof inspected and tuned up for the season. Minor repairs and maintenance can go a long way to assuring the roof will preform as it should. Additionally, if there is any damage that a good monsoon will turn into a leak, its best to know in advance, so you can get it repaired before the contractor gets booked up for months.
  5. Replace all your air filters before the season, say early June. Then replace them again after the season, say the end of September. 
Do these things and you will reduce the risk to your building during the monsoon season, and will not likely be one of those poor folks begging for a roofer, but can't find one.