The ROC isn’t playing around


The ROC isn’t playing around

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You bet it is a crime to contract in Arizona without a license. Be careful with that ole' "handyman exemption". Most people use that as cover. Are using it without knowing what it says. Learn more about that here What is the Arizona Handyman Exemption? | The Arizona Roofer & Waterproofing Professionals.

Sure, many of these folks are good industrious people. And some of them are not, some of them want to rip you off. That is why Arizona has the Registrar of Contractors. They exist to protect the consumer from bad contractors. They do that by requiring licensing and a bond. And they have a plan to address your complaints and help you resolve them. If you do hire a bad contractor, and they are a licensed contractor. The ROC can help you. But If you hire an unlicensed contractor, you are might be your own.



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Check out these two arrests.

Prescott man Mark Whittington sentenced for unlicensed contracting (

Unlicensed Arizona contractor to pay almost $70K restitution -

What can you do?

If you are a licensed contractor. Thank you for being part of the solution.

If you are a homeowner or building owner in general. Read up on what the handyman exemption really is, and never hire an unlicensed contractor. This might be helpful to you as well How to select a contractor like a professional | The Arizona Roofer & Waterproofing Professionals

If you are a handyman and are not sure if you have crossed the line. Talk to your attorney about it. And make sure your services fall into the safe zone. Thank you for being part of the solution by making sure you stick to the law. I owned two handyman companies in my past, and both did very well. It’s a great business, but the line is so narrow. Crossing the line sadly could land you in jail with a heavy fine.





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Look the bottom line is that it is a crime to Contract in Arizona without a license. And it’s not really that difficult to get one. If someone knows their business but can’t get past the ROC licensing process. You might take look at their court records. You might find the reason they can progress in the process there.

When owners are well-informed. And contractors are following the law and the industry standards of their trades. Everyone wins!

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