The Roofers Alliance, are you involved? You should be!



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The Roofers Alliance, are you involved? You should be!

Once a month a group of Roofing contractors and the director of ADOSH, Jessie Atencio. Meet to discuss various matters concerning safety in the roofing industry. 

Here is your chance to get a seat at the table. To be heard, and to have your opinions taken into consideration.

Want to know more, I have attached a flier from ADOSH, and the event also is listed on our calendar.

Who should participate?

  • Roofing Contractors
  • Roofing Distributers
  • Roofing Manufacturers
  • Roofers yes, the guys on the roof
  • Insurance agents and brokers who service the roofing industry
  • Managers and anyone else involved in the roofing industry
  • Yes, even roof and especially roof consultants

I have personally been very lax about participating, but I intend to get better, may I will see you there.

Henry Staggs

Roof Consultant and Roofing Industry Advocate

(480) 265-1613


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