The School of Roofing - Moving Forward


The School of Roofing 

Moving forward

by: Henry Staggs RRO 

April 11, 2021


 Years of use by thousands of students

The masonry students at The East Valley Institute of Technology built a structure for the fire-fighting students. Once the construction technologies classes finish with the roof. The students in the firefighter program will use it to practice their search and rescue drills. Think about all the students who took part in this project. And how long this structure will be there, for future students to use and eventually re-roof. This kind of project lives on in the memories of the participants, who will take the skills they acquired with them. And the hundreds if not thousands of future students who use the structure down the road.

We have been working with EVIT from the conception of the idea for "The School of Roofing" and soon you can expect to see a roofing-specific course there at EVIT. And, not just at EVIT. Eagle Roofing Products, the folks who make your concrete roofing tile, have also opened their doors for classes in their own training center.  

How did we get here?

For those of you who do know what's going on, allow me to fill you in:

  • Some years ago I started doing a few small classes here and there for contractors I was working with.
  • Then we thought it might be nice to provide training to roofers as well.
  • Then we thought we'd go the trade schools and see what they have.
  • Turns out they have very little or nothing when it comes to roofing.
  • We went to the State apprentice office and found they did not have an active roofing apprentice program.
  • We thought .. NO WAY ... that cant stand!
  • We moved forward with all sorts of ideas and plans.
  • We started working out the details 
  • We start pressing on the NCCER folks to get a roofing program in the works. 
  • They did and I was asked to be a Subject Matter Expert on the project.
  • EVIT decided they would love to have a roofing program when it is ready.
  • Eagle also wants a roofing program in their facility.
  • We worked hard and got an accredited sponsor status from NCCER

Where are we now?

At this point, The School of Roofing is nearly ready to be born into reality. And it is going to be the most complete series of roofing relevant courses ever compiled. The School of Roofing will exist to help bring new and great people into the roofing industry. And then to walk along with them from their first day on the job, until their retirement. 

However, there is still work to do and we need your help. If you are a roofing professional and want to be part of this, all you need to do is reach out and say hi. The more the merrier, right?

We also need some financial help getting to the next level. And start teaching the next generation of roofers. If you can help, please do. Every dime will be used to help the school succeed and there by helping THOUSANDS of people become the nation's TOP roofers. And all of that ground-braking stuff right here in Arizona.


FYI no roofing program has come this far on this path before. We need to keep the momentum going.


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Every dime will be used to move The School of Roofing forward. And you can feel good knowing that you are helping potentially thousands of future workers find a home in the roofing industry.