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Jury awards Florida woman $48M - For a roof leak!

Jury awards Florida woman $48M for sickness caused by mold (

Henry Staggs, RRO

May 4th, 2021

As a consultant, you can imagine the number of calls I get that go something like this "I hired this roofer and he...

The School of Roofing 

Moving forward

by: Henry Staggs RRO 

April 11, 2021


 Years of use by thousands of students

The masonry students at The East Valley Institute of Technology built a structure for the fire-fighting students. Once the construction technologies classes finish with...

Labor Shortage?

We are experiencing a labor shortage in the roofing industry, and it needs to be resolved fast. If not, we might be looking at a serious crisis. Without the workers to get it done, well, nothing gets done. Or worse, having untrained and unqualified workers might even be worse. And it's not just on the...


The NCCER has approved The Arizona Roofer as an accredited sponsor. This means that the School of Roofing is one more step closer to being a reality. This means that soon there will be an accredited roofing program ready to be placed in every trade school in the nation. Would you like to help?

The School of Roofing...

Roof collapses at Morton Grove equestrian center

Roof collapses at Morton Grove equestrian center (

Comments by: Henry Staggs, RRO


A few years back one of Safeway's buildings has a roof collapse. I hear they had another one as well and then I came across this news story about ... YES ... another...


CONTACT:Breanna Bang, Public Information Liaison

Unlicensed Tucson Man Guilty ofContracting Without a License

Phoenix, Ariz., (Jan. 27, 2021) – On Tues., Jan. 26, 2021, Jorge Arvayo-Lerma, 41 of Tucson, was found guilty of Contracting Without a License in the Pima...


Our dear father and husband, Vernon John Farrow, Jr., passed away peacefully on January 4, 2021, at the age of 79. Vernon is survived by his beloved wife of 60 years, Norma and their three children, Kevin, Kathy, and Brandon, his 16 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren...

The ROC isn’t playing around

Henry Staggs, RRO

Roof Consultant and Industry Advocate

(480) 265-1614


You bet it is a crime to contract in Arizona without a license. Be careful with that ole' "handyman exemption". Most people use that as cover. Are using it...