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Comments By Henry Staggs


Con man arrested after bloody chase

If you me at all, you know that I am...

Does your roofer suck?


By: Henry Staggs


Statistically speaking, your roofer is more likely to suck than not to suck if you are hiring the average roofer in Arizona. I realize that what I am saying is going to irritate a lot of hard-working roofers whose intentions are to do a great job...

I wrote about this before, a contractor hires a "sub" who falls to his death. 

He is in deep trouble and should be.

It's not getting better for him either, it is getting worse and I want every roofer in Arizona to take note of this case. If you think this cant happen do you, you are sadly mistaken. 

Get it right, or get off...

Free inspection? I think not!

I must apologize to all of my roofing contractor friends out there for what I’m about to say. But my mission in business is to help improve the industry for information resources education and, most importantly, the truth and facts.  

  The facts are simple the free inspections...

Leo Wiek (AZ ROC)

Just yesterday, I posted a blog about a fake contractor who was charged, and today I get online and right away find out that law enforcement is looking for another phony contractor. Leo Wieck, doing business as EMConstruction,  is being accused of contracting without a license and illegally charging a...

Fake Contractor strikes again

M & L Gates took $2500 for a job and never came back; the contractor, Mr. Espinoza, is no stranger to the ROC. He has been busted ripping people off twice before, plead guilty and paid a fine for contracting without a license. He has been investigated around...

The Roofing Guys, what a great name, right? You would assume that with a name like that, they would be roofing professionals. Unfortunately, there is no real standard of what is and is not professional in the roofing industry. Something I hope will change in the future, with training, education, and evolution in the industry. It brakes my heart...

Aint,isnt a wordYes, I know "Ain't"...ain't a word.  Well, technically, it is a word. Just not an accepted word, a proper word. A word that "intelligent" people use. As we all know, "intelligent" people go to university, get a higher education, become doctors', lawyers,' engineers' and architects,' right?   Sure...


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