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Several months back, I visited with one of the partners of the company that makes the product in the video. This is good stuff, with a lot of different applications. It can almost be made into anything, from a foam to a coating or a butter grade sealant. If you have not checked this stuff out yet you should. 

Castagra   On a roofing...
8 Most Common Mistakes in the Roofing Business   John Kenney Chief Operating Officer/Technical Director/Roofing Contracting Business Consultant/Construction Industry Lobbyist/3rd Generation Roofer    

Every business owner will worry about their business and if they are doing the right things. Cotney...

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Roofers are making more than six figures!

This morning I had a very nice LinkedIn chat with my new friend and business associate, Dean White, in the UK. He is a London...


Don’t miss this informal, informative, and commitment-free opportunity to learn about ARCA Membership and benefits. The presentation offers a time to network with colleagues and gain knowledge about your ARCA Membership. Hosted by the Membership & Marketing committee, you’ll have the chance to...

Henry Staggs, RRO

September 1, 2020

You ARE the other guy!


Get ready to read another safety rant by Henry Staggs. If you want to call me and tell me, I am wrong, that is ok with me. Perhaps you can help me get it right, and then together, we share it with the world? Be part of the...

Henry Staggs, RRO

August 25th, 2020


NRCA launches new roofing careers website

Suppose you don't know this already. The roofing industry NEEDS more good hard working and skilled workers. The emphasis is on the word "skilled." It's not hard to figure out why skilled...

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There are many ways to get involved in any association. Running for office and voting are two of the biggest things (other than money) that you can do. I look at the list below, and I see a list of good names, reliable people. I know most of them, and the rest have good names. The downside is this list of names...

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