The Tile Roof Institute (TRI)

By Henry Staggs, RRO



The Tile Roof Institute, who are they, and why does it matter to you? 


Who are they?

The Tile Roof Institute has been around since 1971, started California by people who wanted to provide better standards for the tile roofing industry. Originally called the National Tile Roofing...

Minimum elements of a contract

2010 Arizona Revised StatutesTitle 32 - Professions and Occupations32-1158 Minimum elements of a contract

32-1158. Minimum elements of a contract

A. From and after December 31, 1992 until December 31, 2007, any contract in an amount of more than one thousand dollars and less than one hundred fifty thousand dollars entered into between a contractor and the owner of a property to be...

Roof Drainage

Roof Drainage   You'd be very shocked to learn how little attention is paid to the "positive drainage" on a low sloped roof in Arizona.  To be blunt, unless a good consultant is helping with the original design, you've got water on your roof.    A Safeway had standing water, and then it rained again. More water added to the load The roof caved in and broke a gas line, and the building burned down...

Bid Rigging

What is bid Rigging?


Call me crazy, that honesty is good business, in my opinion. I realize that the word "honest" is subjective, and there are all sorts of grey areas that people travel in and around. At the end of the day, we all have a basic understanding of what is right and what is wrong. "Its just business" is the thing the guys say in the mobster movies just before he...

Building Code For The Roofer

I was working on a report today, and as usual, I was referring to various authoritative documents.  And I thought "Hey the people who come to might site might like this one" This link will take right to the Internation Building Code for roofing and roof assemblies.  It is a pretty great reference when you need to know something or cite an authoritative source.


The ABCs of Indemnity Agreements and Additional Insured Endorsements

Coverage Insights

The ABCs of Indemnity Agreements and Additional Insured Endorsements

Understanding your business’s risk exposures is the cornerstone to managing them. Whether your business relies on outside vendors to provide goods and services, or you’re a provider of goods and services to your clients, you should be aware of how to take contractual precautions to protect...

Help! I am Afraid of a Bee

Within the past few months in my CPR and first aid classes I have had construction workers say they have epinephrine pens because they have severe allergic reactions to bees. What really disturbs me, in one class, one guy said that he told his coworkers where his pen is, and that one bee sting can kill him and his coworkers started making jokes out of it.  This type of allergic reaction is...

4 Things I Learned From Greg Hayne On Service

4 Things I Learned From Greg Hayne On Service


At the FRSA in 2019, I had the pleasure of sitting in and listening to Greg Hayne, who is considered the guru of building service departments for commercial roofers.

I not only had the chance to listen but also had the chance to go up and pick his brain after attending.

There was a lot to take in but I wanted to share...

What does it mean to be a professional


What does it mean to be a professional?

Does it mean dressing nice and being overly polite? Does it mean always smiling and shaking hands all day? What does being professional mean?

Dressing nice and speaking to people politely are certain things that professionals do. However, those things aren't what makes them a professional. Instead, those are the natural characteristics of...