What to do if you think you need a lawyer



So you think you need an attorney?

Just like all tradespersons are not the same, some good others not so good. Some specialized in some trades and clueless on others. So it is also true with attorneys, they are also people some are good and others not so much, and each one specializing in some area of the law.

If you have reached a point that you are looking for an attorney your situation must be very serious. So treat it seriously and make absolutely sure you approach your situation correctly.

Are you sure you need an attorney?

Thanks to today's technology you can hop online, and in no time at all get the answers you need. Visit one of those "ask a lawyer" sites and get a good idea about your case before you spend money on a lawyer because they are not cheap.

The links below are a few examples of the types of sites you can use to get some answers to help you get started. We are not endorsing any one of these sites, use your own common sense when using any web site for information.


What to do when you do need an attorney

If you find that you do have a case and need to hire a lawyer, you may want to visit the Arizona Bar Association to start your search for the right attorney for you. This site is an association type of site they are not selling anything so the information they offer is free and unbiased.


We hope this helps, and wish you all the best. Remember this little article for information purposes only. We are not lawyers and this is not legal advice. Always get your legal advice from a properly qualified attorney.

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