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Who is the ROC

The Registrar of Contractors established in 1931 to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public concerning construction in Arizona. It is their job to investigate complaints against licensed contractors and work to resolve them. These folks have much power to do what they do, and when they do their job right, they are a tremendous benefit to our society.

Here are a few interesting facts; the ROC is funded totally by contractors licensing fees. To make it even better, they give 10% of that money to the State General Fund, and they do not receive a dime back. In short, the agency the enforces the law on contractors is paid for by the contractors themselves.

How can the ROC help owners?

On the ROC's consumer resources page, you will find a list of services offered to help consumers. https://roc.az.gov/consumer-resources

Complaints and Investigations

Having a problem with a contractor, the ROC might be able to help. You can call on them for inspection as part of their "Building Confidence Program." This program allows you the opportunity to have the ROC check things out without filing a formal complaint. If that does not work for you or you are past trying to reconcile with a contractor you believe has done a lousy job, you can always file a formal complaint. (see "filing a complaint with the ROC" )

The Recovering Fund

Money set aside to help people who have been ripped off by a bad contractor. Keep in mind that this is not a piggy bank that anyone can shake a few coins out of when needed. There are hoops to jump through, and the problem needs to be serious. However, there is help in recovering some costs, and I like that idea. Before you considering claiming recovery, be sure to read up on the program to make sure you are qualified.

How can you help the ROC

The more eyes and ears the ROC has, the better. Contracting without a license is a crime in the state of Arizona. And does much harm to the unsuspecting citizens of our community. If you see something, tell them and help them keep YOU and others safe from con artists pretending to be contractors. Please take into consideration that every one of those news shows on bad contractors always ends up being some unlicensed con artist, and it makes the entire industry look bad. See something speak up and help out.

Visit their site to learn more https://roc.az.gov/consumer-resources, and don't be afraid to call them if you have questions.

What can you expect?

So to be clear, the ROC is a government agency, and they do have a bureaucracy to muddle through. There is a process, and that process does include giving the contractor the change to make things right, they have a method and so before you ask for their help make sure you have taken the time to read up on their site and understand how they do things and how they want things done. It will help you avoid being disappointed when they don't ride in on white horses to the rescue.

They are a great resource, as long as you understand who they are and have reasonable expectations. My advice is that you speak to a construction defect attorney before you call the ROC, getting legal advice before taking legal action is a smart move.

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