What does it mean to be a professional


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What does it mean to be a professional?

Does it mean dressing nice and being overly polite? Does it mean always smiling and shaking hands all day? What does being professional mean?

Dressing nice and speaking to people politely are certain things that professionals do. However, those things aren't what makes them a professional. Instead, those are the natural characteristics of the professional. These are things that professionals do because they are professional, not to be professional.

Professionalism is a mindset, a way of thinking.  A philosophy and belief system that guides your day to day actions.  True professionalism comes from the inside. From your beliefs, and shows on the outside in your actions interactions with others.  


Honor Your Commitments

Do what you say you would do.  Even when you realize your reward won't be what you thought, finish the job anyways.  As long as it is legal and ethical, do what you say you'll do.  Do not make promises that you can't keep and you will be known as the man/woman of your word.  Reputations matters, yours starts here.

Be honest and show integrity

I was taught years ago your integrity is what you do when no one is looking.  Honesty and integrity go hand in hand, are you someone who can be trusted to do the right thing?  Make a point of doing the right thing, no matter what.

Control yourself

You know what your job is, you know who you work for.  Don't wait for someone to come along and tell you what to do.  Step up and start doing your job to the very best of your ability. 

Be competent

whether you're the CEO or the ground clean up, person.  Do your job with complete competency, every role is essential and whatever your part is, own it!  Be the best at it, and never complain about it.


The more you know, the more you're worth.  If your boss offers you training, take every bit you can get if your boss doesn't, then go out and get it your self.  Remember point #3, "control-yourself," don't wait for someone else to offer it, go get it.


Always show respect for EVERYONE in your path every day. Show respect to your boss, to your coworkers, to the client, and especially to yourself.  Being disrespectful of others is disrespecting yourself.  How someone else acts is on them.  How you respond is on you.  Remember that in a stressful confrontation, you don't have to take abuse, you can walk away. 


The words you use to express your self reveal the type of person you are.  Don't use profanity, racist, sexist, or other offensive languages. Being rude is being rude, calling it not being PC does not make it OK. Make your points, be clear and concise, and always used respectable language.


Know who you work for and know the proper chain of authority and follow it, Even when you don't particularly care for the person whom you answer to, you still show respect of their role.  Remember, you are responsible for you. When you climb the ladder of success at each rung, there will be people who don't like you, and you would still have them show respect to you for your role. You do the same for, and you will be the professional.

Put others before yourself

If you want to grow and succeed, make it a habit to put your boss or your client's needs above your own.  It may mean that you lose on a bad deal here and there, but in the long run, you will gain much more than you'll lose.  In the business world, this is called "fiduciary responsibility." putting your client's need and interest above your own.

Say Thank you

Remember your parents teaching you to say, "please and thank you"?  The same rule applies to adults.  The natural way to show respect is to say, "please, and thank you."  People really will take notice.  


Dress for the occasion, if you are a CEO, dress like one.  If you are on the crew, dress like you are on the team.  Wear clean clothes and show your self-respect in your appearance.  A clean shirt and good personal hygiene go a long way.

Summary; The character traits are what will guide you in being a professional.  Internalize them, own them, let them become your way of doing business and you will not need to act like a professional, you will BE A PROFESSIONAL!


Henry Staggs

Roof Consultant and Roofing Industry Advocate

(480) 265-1613


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