4 Things I Learned From Greg Hayne On Service


4 Things I Learned From Greg Hayne On Service


At the FRSA in 2019, I had the pleasure of sitting in and listening to Greg Hayne, who is considered the guru of building service departments for commercial roofers.

I not only had the chance to listen but also had the chance to go up and pick his brain after attending.

There was a lot to take in but I wanted to share the 4 biggest takeaways I had from chatting with Greg.

1 - So what is service? A lot of companies believe that they have a service side to their business. Let’s start by stating that there is a difference between service (customer experience) vs. repairs (fixing holes) vs. preventative maintenance (repairs to prevent future emergencies). Maintenance and repairs are things you do to a roof. Service is what you give to a customer.As Greg continued to break this down it became clear that the people employed to provide service matters. As an owner, it’s worth considering that the person working the repairs may or may not be the best fit for handling the "service" side of your company.

2 - More service trucks doesn’t mean more money! It doesn’t seem too groundbreaking, right? Here’s where it gets interesting. The game is about margins. This is the reason Greg is so big on service (and you should be too)! Companies are missing out on relationships, which ease the sales process and create better margins as an owner. Greg broke down revenue from service and cost, which dove deeper into a service truck operating at optimal efficiency. And what was the prize? The elite players in service are pulling in a 65%-75% margin.

3 - If you aren’t hitting these margins. It’s because you are doing too much T&Mrepair work. There is a difference between T&M and Scope Work. It’s proactivity! Are you receiving calls that there is a leak or are you scheduling a time to service your work? Are you trying to service someone else’s work? What happens when they need a new roof, are they calling you? Or do they tell you they are reaching out to you and 3 others? The “service” aspect is going to allow you to be proactive, provide an excellent experience for the consumer and create raving fans along the way.

4 - So now you might be thinking, where do I start? There were a lot of questions about when is the right time to get another service truck. It was awesome to be in a room full of people ready to take action in their business. The first question. Where do I find the employee? The answer might seem simpler then you think. The first place to start looking was internal. The next question was when do I expand? When you have one truck get to that elite level of margin or they have too much work, then you will know that you need to get another. It’s important to note that it was repeated that ideally, you would move people internally to your service department.

4.5 - You might be wondering... why Greg Hayne? Here's the thing. This man is a genius around helping companies build out the infrastructure of having a service side in your business. He talks about the 3 rolesyou need. You need admin, a technical side, and lastly SALES. If you didn't know already, that's where we come in! We work with owners and sales teams to leave the bid and beg model by turning their sales team into sales All-Stars so the owner can have predictable revenue and make Championship ownership decisions.

The last thing I want to mention is this quote from Greg, "If your customers aren't handing you re-roofs... your 'service' isn't good enough" 

How close are you to this quote being your reality? What I loved from sports was that you always had the elite standard and there was a map to get there. There were clear steps to improve every step of the way. Do you have these stepping stones in your business? Are you ready to move your team to the status of the elite? When other companies start studying you!

We’re in the business of building All-Star salespeople so you can have a Championship Team”


Matt Mounier | High Performance Sales Coach


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