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4 Things I Learned From Greg Hayne On Service

4 Things I Learned From Greg Hayne On Service


At the FRSA in 2019, I had the pleasure of sitting in and listening to Greg Hayne, who is considered the guru of building service departments for commercial roofers.

I not only had the chance to listen but also had the chance to go up and pick his brain after attending.

There was a lot to take in but I wanted to share...

What does it mean to be a professional


What does it mean to be a professional?

Does it mean dressing nice and being overly polite? Does it mean always smiling and shaking hands all day? What does being professional mean?

Dressing nice and speaking to people politely are certain things that professionals do. However, those things aren't what makes them a professional. Instead, those are the natural characteristics of...

Gallons per square or mil thickness which is better?

Which is it?  Gallons per square or dry mil thickness.  If you ever had a roof coated or coated a roof, you should have heard one or both of these terms. "Gallons per square" and or "mil thickness."  

Let's start by talking about how the coating works. To do that, I am going to use acrylic coating as my "coating." Since it is the most commonly used coating material, often referred to as...

Is "building code" the law?

In this article we will discuss briefly what building code is, is it the law and how you can find out if the building code applies to you.

What is building code?

The building code intends to protect the public from harmful or dangerous construction. Poorly constructed buildings can harbor a multitude of problems. From health problems that resulted from poor ventilation to...

Specifications, Scope of work, Industry Standards, Arizona Workmanship Standards, Building Code, and All the Above

Specifications, Scope of work, Industry Standards, Arizona Workmanship Standards, Building Code, and All the Above


In this article, we will discuss the differences between a job specification, scope of work, industry standards, Arizona workmanship standards, and the building code. Knowing the differences, similarities, and how each applies to your project will help you...

Heat Emergencies

This article will describe the differences between a heat emergency and heat stroke and how to be prepared for working in the heat. 

When you took the job in the construction industry, you accepted a situation that puts you outside in the hot, summer heat. If you do not leave your house prepared for working in the heat you could suffer some severe health symptoms. 

Sometimes you...

Construction Payment Rights in Arizona

In 2010, the Arizona legislature revamped the laws governing the payment of contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers who performed work on or supplied materials to privately-funded projects within the State. These changes are intended to ensure the prompt payment of licensed construction personnel who perform their obligations in accordance with the contract documents. However, contracting...

Someone filed and ROC complaint against you

In this article, we will discuss what happens when a customer files a ROC complaint against you. How the process begins, the investigation, the written directive, and most importantly avoiding it altogether.

At lunch the other day with an out of state roofer, the guys says to me "Arizona has the most aggressive ROC I have ever seen." Then told me a story about the ROC doing an...

Arizona Workmanship Standards


Full version attached as a pdf

Every contractor in Arizona is obligated by law to follow the Arizona workmanship standards. Keep in mind that some manufacturers and code may differ, and these are minimum standards. The very bottom of quality standards.

The following are portions of the standards that are relevant to the roofing and waterproofing industry.


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