Roof Inspection VS Estimate

Roof Inspection VS Estimate

For the last several years of my contracting life, my entire business model focused on realtors. Realtors need roof inspections, roof certifications, and small repairs. One of the challenges that I faced working with realtors was the free estimate and paid inspection dilemma. Most roofers offer "free estimates." Most people don't understand the...

Who is ADOSH?

In this article, we will discuss who ADOSH is, what they do, how to reach out to them if you need help, and what to do if you see something hazardous on a job site.

ADOSH or Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health is the Industrial Commission of Arizona's muscle enforcing occupational and health laws in Arizona, excluding mining operations, native American...

Roofing 101 the basics

Why do we need a roof?

For most people, the roof is out of sight and out of mind. About the only time, anyone other than a roofer thinks about roofing is when theirs's is leaking. Oh, and by the way, if your roof is leaking, that means it has failed, do not wait for a failure in any component of your business before taking care of it. So why do we need a roof?

To keep the...