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Free and Almost Free Roofing Training

Free and Almost Free Roofing Training   Traditionally most roofers learn on the job, which is not the wrong way to learn. Assuming the roofer training knows what they are doing. But how can you know, they know what they are doing? How can you be sure they aren't passing bad habits onto you? Too often, bad habits are passed on unintentionally.    It's up to you as the roofer to seek out your...

The Tile Roof Institute (TRI)

By Henry Staggs, RRO



The Tile Roof Institute, who are they, and why does it matter to you? 


Who are they?

The Tile Roof Institute has been around since 1971, started California by people who wanted to provide better standards for the tile roofing industry. Originally called the National Tile Roofing...

After the fall: The hidden costs and complications of non-fatal fall injuries in the roofing industry.

After the fall: The hidden costs and complications of non-fatal fall injuries in the roofing industry.

Broken feet, a few thrown-out backs, and a nasty muscle tear in the shoulder. Thesewere just a few of the issues familiar to the roofer that repaired our damaged roof afterHurricane Florence (North Carolina). He’d suffered a fall from a ladder and a few near-misses earlier in...

Roof Drainage

Roof Drainage  You'd be very shocked to learn how little attention is paid to the "possible drainage" on a low sloped roof in Arizona.  To be blunt, unless a good consultant is helping with the original design, you've got water on your roof.    A Safeway had standing water, it rained, and then it rained again. More water added to the load and the roof caved in. Broke a gas line, and the building...

Bid Rigging

What is bid Rigging?


Call me crazy, that honesty is good business, in my opinion. I realize that the word "honest" is subjective, and there are all sorts of grey areas that people travel in and around. At the end of the day, we all have a basic understanding of what is right and what is wrong. "Its just business" is the thing the guys say in the mobster movies just before he...

OSHA fall protection standards right here.

By Standard Number


1926.501 - Duty to have fall protection.   Part Number:


Part Number Title:

Safety and Health Regulations for Construction


1926 Subpart M

Subpart Title:

Fall Protection

Standard Number: 1926.501 Title: Duty to have fall protection. GPO Source: e-CFR 1926.501(a)




Help! I am Afraid of a Bee

Within the past few months in my CPR and first aid classes I have had construction workers say they have epinephrine pens because they have severe allergic reactions to bees. What really disturbs me, in one class, one guy said that he told his coworkers where his pen is, and that one bee sting can kill him and his coworkers started making jokes out of it.  This type of allergic reaction is...

What does it mean to be a professional


What does it mean to be a professional?

Does it mean dressing nice and being overly polite? Does it mean always smiling and shaking hands all day? What does being professional mean?

Dressing nice and speaking to people politely are certain things that professionals do. However, those things aren't what makes them a professional. Instead, those are the natural characteristics of...

Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Advice for Parents Who Need to Get Their Home Ready to Sell

(And Keep It That Way)


Selling a home is a full-time job from the time you begin prepping for the sale until you move out. If you’re a busy parent, it may feel impossible, but getting your home ready for sale and keeping it in tip-top shape is doable. There are...