The School of Roofing

What is The School of Roofing

by Henry Staggs, RRO

June 28th, 2021


Well simply put is a concept that works sort of like a franchise. It is a recruiting training program and also an opportunity for anyone else to plant their own School of Roofing. Using the same curricula, marketing, and recruiting methods. The more the better, the more people sharing in the experience...

The School of Roofing - Moving Forward

The School of Roofing 

Moving forward

by: Henry Staggs RRO 

April 11, 2021


 Years of use by thousands of students

The masonry students at The East Valley Institute of Technology built a structure for the fire-fighting students. Once the construction technologies classes finish with the roof. The students in the firefighter program will use it to...

The School of Roofing


The NCCER has approved The Arizona Roofer as an accredited sponsor. This means that the School of Roofing is one more step closer to being a reality. This means that soon there will be an accredited roofing program ready to be placed in every trade school in the nation. Would you like to help?

The School of Roofing Custom Ink Fundraising

Sharing Roofing with Students At The East Valley Institute of Technology

Sharing Roofing with Students at The East Valley Institute of Technology

Henry Staggs, RRO

October 21, 2020

Anyone who is in the industry knows that we need more good roofers, more skilled workers, just more people period. If you need a job and can do the work. You should have no problem finding a job in roofing. This challenge effects everyone, believe it or not. The roof is...